Virtue-Based Parenting: A Workshop for Mothers

Willows Academy and Embers Academy jointly welcomes Janet Quinlan, certified life coach and host of the podcast, “Finding Joy in Marriage and Motherhood.” Janet will be leading a workshop for women in all stages of motherhood on Saturday, January 20th.

Janet is excited to return to the Willows. She has previously led a workshop for mothers that offered an overview of the underlying topics and themes she covers through her coaching and podcast. This time, she will be diving deeper into a specific topic: how to instill virtue in children.

There has never been a more important time to instill virtue in our children,” says Kate DeCanto, Embers Academy parent and one of the organizers of this workshop. “The virtues we instill in [our children] at home transfer to their school day. What the mothers will learn in the workshop will give their children the skills to reach academic excellence, transform society for the good, and stay true to the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

The workshop aims to give parents–specifically mothers–tools to help shape their children into virtuous adults. It will give practical tips and encouraging advice on how to use virtues as a foundation for raising and educating children. 

Supporting parents in this way is especially critical to counter the growing societal focus on moral relativism and secularism, as well as increasing messaging from public institutions that disempower parents from taking primary ownership of educating their children.

“[Mothers] are God’s instruments in raising virtuous adults,” says Janet. “I hope women walk away with confidence and a clear direction to create the family life they really want and truly enjoy their role as a mom.”

“Virtue-Based Parenting: A Workshop for Mothers” will take place on January 20th at Willows Academy. 

Janet Quinlan is a certified life coach helping Catholic women find more joy and fulfillment in their marriage and motherhood. She teaches women practical tools and critical mindset shifts to help them achieve the family life they want. She graduated from St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame with a BA in elementary education. She’s taught in private and public classrooms as well as homeschooled her own children for fourteen years. She’s the host of the podcast, “Finding Joy in Marriage and Motherhood” and helps women through private 1:1 coaching as well as group coaching. She’s been married to Michael for 39 years and has seven children with 20 going on 21 grandchildren.