Fall Open House 2024 is Sunday, October 27th


Middle School Curriculum

The Willows middle school academic program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed at the honors level in high school. In middle school, the teacher/student ratio is 10:1. Middle school courses are:

6th Grade

Literature 6
Language Arts 6*
Math Foundations 6
Math Foundations 6 – upper level
Science & Art
Religion 6: Commandments
Physical Education 6
Music 6
Choir 6 (required)

7th Grade

Literature 7
Language Arts 7*
Math Applications 7
Honors Algebra I
Life Sciences
American History I
Religion 7: Sacraments
Physical Education 7
Music 7: Handbells
Art 7
Choir Elective (optional)

8th Grade

English 8*
French 1
Spanish 1
Language Arts 8
Bridge to Algebra
Honors Algebra I
Honors Geometry 8
Introductory Physical Sciences
American History II
Religion 8: Confirmation and Christian Prayer
Physical Education 8
Music 8
Art 8
Choir elective (optional)

*Latin Roots program is facilitated in Language Arts and English classes