High School Curriculum

In the ninth and tenth grades, students take classes at the honors level. In the eleventh and twelfth grades, students may take honors, honors accelerated, and advanced placement (AP) courses, all of which help them develop the mind of a collegian. Following is a list of courses offered in high school:

9th Grade

Honors Intro to Literary Studies & Writing
Honors Spanish I or II
Honors French I or II
Introductory Latin elective
Honors Algebra I 9
Honors Geometry 9
Honors Algebra II 9
Honors Biology
Honors Global Civilizations
Honors Faith and Revelation
Honors Philosophy Elective: the Classical Mind
PE 9
HS Skills Elective

10th Grade

Honors World Literature and Writing
Honors Spanish II or III
Honors French II or III
Introductory Latin elective
Honors Geometry 10
Honors Algebra II 10
Honors PreCalc 10
Honors Chemistry
Honors Contemporary Issues & Intro to Economics
Honors Blessed Trinity & the Blessed Virgin Mary, The Sacraments
Honors Philosophy Elective: The Classical Mind
PE Electives
HS Skills Elective

11th Grade

Honors American Literature & Writing
Accelerated American Literature & Writing
Honors Spanish III or IV/AP
Honors French II or IV/AP
Introductory Latin Elective
Honors Algebra II 11
Honors PreCalc 11
AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics
Honors Physics
Honors US History
AP US History
Honors Moral Theology
Honors Philosophy Elective: The Classical Mind
PE Electives
Junior Seminar

12th Grade

Honors British Literature & Writing
AP English Literature & Composition
Honors Spanish IV or AP Spanish IV
Honors French IV or AP French IV
Introductory Latin elective
Honors PreCalc 12
AP Calculus AB/BC
AP Statistics
Honors Anatomy & Physiology
AP Chemistry
Honors European History
AP European History
Honors Theology 12: Mulieris Fortis
Honors Philosophy Elective: The Classical Mind
PE Electives
Senior Seminar


High School Choir
Chamber Choir
Instrumental Ensemble


AP Computer Science Principles

Visual Arts

Art I, Art II, Honors Art III and Honors Art  IV
Digital Photography
Advanced Art (for students pursuing Art in College)