Fall Open House 2024 is Sunday, October 27th



We are particularly proud of our mentoring program, where every student is paired with a mentor from our faculty, staff, or alumnae. Mentors are adult role models to whom students can turn for advice and encouragement. If a mentee is struggling, or if she needs an extra challenge, the mentor encourages the student to advocate for herself to her teachers or, if needed, she speaks on behalf of her mentee.

Over time, mentors and mentees often become friends, remaining in touch long after graduation. Indeed, our mentoring program is a key ingredient that enables Willows Academy to support parents in the education of their children, one child at a time.

Development Goals

Mentors focus on fostering growth in four main areas of a student’s life: academic, social, spiritual, and physical. They meet individually with mentees every month to discuss these different areas of life and to foster growth. 


  • Develop a strong foundation of habits
  • Develop a healthy curiosity for the world
  • Develop a taste for reading enriching literature
  • Seek academic goals as a way of serving others with one’s mind and skills


  • Seek to understand one’s character traits
  • Identify strengths in virtue
  • Seek to understand areas of growth in relationships with others
  • Cultivate virtues that lead to a happy and rich life


  • Develop a personal relationship with God as a merciful Father, Jesus as a Friend, and Mary as a loving Mother
  • Encourage frequent Confession and attendance to Mass
  • Seek to understand the Faith with depth
  • Respect each girl’s personal faith and encourage them to develop their spiritual life


  • Develop self-care habits
  • Develop habits in exercise, sleep, proper nutrition, enriching rest, and care for mental health that will help her to work well and live for others