Fall Open House 2024 is Sunday, October 27th



Clubs are an important part of student life at Willows Academy, providing students with opportunities for learning, leadership, and fellowship. Student leaders, in close collaboration with the club faculty advisor, run meetings and activities. Students interested in forming a new club are encouraged to take the initiative. All club proposals are reviewed by the Dean of Student Life to ensure that the club supports the mission of the school and serves the student body in a unique way.

Examples of recent clubs include STEM Club, Service Club, Pro-Life Club, Book Club, Tea Club, Yearbook Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Ukrainian Club, Gardening Club, Drawing Club, Art Club, and Dance Club.


The STEM club is a supportive and exciting community of girls who are passionate about STEM. Our fun activities include a Hidden Figures watch party (with food!), discussions on current scientific events, and panels with women in different STEM fields.


Spanish Club provides a way for members to experience and discuss Spanish culture, news, and history. Members of the club try Spanish food, watch Spanish movies and contribute to charities that serve Spanish-speaking countries.To promote Awareness of the Spanish Cultures and Tradition of different hispanic countries in order to understand a more diverse world. Movies, Service Projects, Food galore! Spanish club will get to experience all of these and more while learning about hispanic culture and spanish language!



Similarly to Spanish Club, Ukrainian Club fosters learning about Ukrainian language, culture, and foods. Students also learn traditional Ukrainian dance. Fun Club activities include learning basic Ukrainian conversation words, eating Ukrainian food, and learning Ukrainian dance.



Yearbook Club aims to create our Willows yearbook, developing in this way artistic and journalistic skills. Students work with their faculty advisor to write and photograph Willows’ events through the school year. Activities include taking pictures and planning out the style of the yearbook. And the opportunity to exhibit creativity. 


Members of the Book Club spend time developing a love for reading! Activities include reading The Book Thief and Little Women and comparing the books to the movie adaptations.


Girls for Change

Girls for Change Club gives back to society by helping and assisting impoverished and underprivileged girls around the world. Fun club activities include planning and organizing bake sales, clothe drives, etc.

Pro Life

Willows Pro-Life (Middle School) and Respect Life (High School) clubs are dedicated to promoting human life at all stages despite the culture of death prevalent in society. Members help raise money to support pro-life organizations, such as Heather’s House.


Tea Club is a community of students that gets together weekly to enjoy friendship while sipping teas from around the world. Sometimes members enjoy conversion while at other times they enjoy watching movies together.



Art Club is oriented to the goal of service. Every year, students use their talents in various artistic mediums to complete a project for the local community and a project for the school community. In addition, Art Club raises money for various organizations. Activities include seasonal crafts and a service based school art project.


Members of Culinary Club  explore the culinary world and learn more about ourselves and others through the preparation of various dishes. Activities include sauteing, boiling, broiling, slicing, and scrambling.
(And bake sales, picnics, and field trips…)


Members of the Film Club appreciate and learn about films and filmmaking techniques to be able to understand deeper messages of films. From analyzing movie clips to enjoying film scores and even making a short film. We plan to do many fun things as we dissect scenes. Snacks will be provided at each club meeting!


The Members of our Action Dance Club will explore and experience Korean pop dance. Our dance club activity will be learning various choreography (mainly from k-pop) and practice them during meeting time.