Clubs are an important part of student life at The Willows Academy, providing students with opportunities for learning, leadership, and fellowship. Student leadership, in close collaboration with the club faculty advisor, run club meetings and activities.  Students interested in forming a new club are encouraged to take the initiative.  All club proposals are reviewed by the Dean of Students to ensure that the club fits the mission of the school and will serve the student body in a unique way.

Astronomy Club provides students with a chance to study the science of astronomy.  Since astronomy is not included in the science curriculum, this club provides an important opportunity to learn more about the topic in a fun environment, including watching videos and discussing topics.

Members of Debate Club are challenged to engage in respectful debate, considering a topic from multiple perspectives.  The goal is for members to be able to articulate their beliefs clearly and respectfully, partaking in true dialogue.

French Club provides a way for members to experience and discuss French culture, news, and history.  Members of the club try French food, watch French movies and contribute to charities that serve French-speaking countries, such as the Rwanda Fund which helps send Rwandan children to school.

The Willows Newspaper aims to publish a resource to inform students, teachers, and families about important school events, such as sporting events and campus life.  Members also receive guidance on choosing content and writing articles.

Involved Teens
Involved Teens Club finds unique ways of fundraising, like selling rosaries and hosting sales, in order to donate money to charitable foundations.

Students in the Service Club help promote a spirit of service at The Willows and in the community by planning service activities.  Members try, in a particular way, to embody the school year theme of service to those around them.

Respect Life
The Willows Pro-Life (Middle School) and Respect Life (High School) clubs are dedicated to promoting human life at all stages despite the culture of death prevalent in society.  Members help raise money to support pro-life organizations, such as Heather’s House.

Ecology Club is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness at The Willows.  Students maintain a strong recycling program, raise awareness of key issues, and encourage all members of The Willows community to reduce waste.

Student who participate in the STudent Athletic Council (STAC) work to foster a sense of school spirit and support for all athletic events at The Willows.  In keeping with the 2016-2017 school theme of service, STAC works to raise money to donate to charitable organizations.

Anime Club serves to unite fans of anime in order to foster new friendships and build a greater appreciation for this important aspect of Japanese culture.

Art Club is oriented to the goal of service.  Every year, students use their talents in various artistic mediums to complete a project for the local community and a project for the school community.  In addition, Art Club raises money for various organizations.

Members of Fashion Club will learn about various aspects of fashion and discuss how fashion is one mode that people can positively express their personality, beliefs, and inherent dignity.

Photo Club allows students to explore the art of photography using professional cameras.  Students complete projects in which they are encouraged to exercise their creativity and knowledge of the camera.

Novel Writing 
TWANoWRi Club members are committed to developing their writing skills and creativity.  They constructively critique each other’s work in order to help each other’s writing develop.  They also participate in the National Novel Writing Month, during which they attempt to write an entire novel over the course of a month.

Ukulele Club provides an opportunity for students and teachers to learn to play the ukulele.  Open to beginners and experienced players, club meetings consist of both jam sessions as well as instruction in new techniques and songs.