Willows School Uniforms

Willows has partnered with Schoolbelles (school code S3004) as our new uniform provider. Schoolbelles provides durable uniform products and offers custom measuring to ensure every girl has a well-fitting uniform. Students can be measured anytime at the Schoolbelles store located in Chicago at 7246 West Foster.

Middle School Uniform 2022
High School Uniform 2022

Required Uniform Pieces

The following school uniform items are sold by Schoolbelles and are required uniform pieces:


Middle School: Navy/Light Blue Plaid Wrap Around Kilt Skirt
High School: Navy Glen Plaid Wrap Around Kilt Skirt
Skirts should be knee-length and be properly hemmed and clean.

Blazer (Required October-April):

Middle and High School: Navy blue blazer with Willows crest.


Willows PE Uniform Shorts and T-Shirt and Gym Shoes. Optional PE sweatpants available for cold weather. PE uniform shorts are also used for many athletic team uniforms so you may consider an additional pair.

The following school uniform items may be purchased at your favorite store or Schoolbelles:


White girl’s or women’s fit oxford blouse with button-down collar, long or short sleeved.

Socks or Tights:

Middle School white knee socks or white tights
High School navy knee socks or navy tights

Click here to see examples of socks that meet the dress code.


Black dress shoes with black soles
(i.e., loafers, mary janes, flats). Shoes may not have laces; buckles and tassels are permitted. No moccasins, gym shoes (except for PE), boots, open-backed shoes, or shoes with a heel larger than one inch are allowed.

Click here to see examples of shoes that meet the dress code.


A plain white camisole is strongly recommended to be worn under the blouse.

Optional Piece:

The following piece is optional, but uniform approved, also available at Schoolbelles:

Sweater: Navy blue V-neck sweater vest