Willows Academy

Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Willows Academy challenges young women to transform society for the good. In partnership with parents, we facilitate the development of their character, intellect, and love of God. Guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, we focus on providing a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, personalized mentoring, and vibrant student life.

Core Values

Willows Academy provides young women the opportunity to love God and serve others through the values of joy, integrity, excellence and generosity.


  • Grounded in being a daughter of God who seeks true happiness
  • That seeks and fosters authentic, lasting friendships with family, peers, and in the community


  • Strengthen character through continual development of virtues and deep convictions.
  • Form her conscience to freely choose the good


  • Strive for Christian perfection by applying our God given talents to the work we do
  • Seek greatness in each of our unique vocations


  • Freely give to others and champion human dignity, treating all people with respect and kindness
  • Approach work and daily life as an opportunity for union with God and service to others