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Course Registration & Math Placement

Math placement tests are given to incoming students to help our math department identify the best fit math class for your daughter. 

Course registration links are sent via email after students have completed enrollment. Student schedules will be posted on WillowsWeb by early August. Students must be officially enrolled in order for math placement and course registration to be processed.

Your First Day of School

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To help our students use their time well over the summer and keep their minds sharp, we ask students to continue their studies over the summer by completing the summer enrichment requirements.

Download the summer enrichment packet. All tasks are to be completed before school begins on Tuesday, August 22nd.

Willows has partnered with Schoolbelles (school code S3004) as uniform provider. The uniform skirt, blazer, and PE uniform must be purchased through Schoolbelles. Blouses, socks, tights, and shoes can be purchased at your favorite store or Schoolbelles. Visit our uniform page for more information. 

Marla’s lunch partners with national and local restaurants, delivering fresh and delicious lunches every day of the school year.

Marla’s Lunch arranges for delivery to the front office and each lunch comes in a bag or box labeled with each student’s name. Only students who order lunch will receive one. Marla’s does not send extra lunches to be purchased “the day of.” In order for students to get lunch, parents must order it ahead of time.

Parents are provided with a monthly menu and must order lunches at least 1 week in advance; orders for the following week must be confirmed each Monday at 12pm noon.  The system prevents any changes after Monday at 12 PM. 

Microwaves are provided for student use if they prefer to bring their own lunch. 

Link to login and order:

Instructions to set up a new account: INSERT LINK to PDF

Willows hosts online pop-up spirit shops several times a year and sells a small selection of Willows gear in the front office. Contact the Front Office for more information. 

The athletic department hosts a shop each athletic season for athletes and fans. Contact our Athletic Director, Mrs. Mrs. Rachel Meiner, for more information.

Fall sports start August 7th for high school and August 28th for middle school. Visit for required information. Contact our Athletic Director, Mrs. Mrs. Rachel Meiner, for more information.

The State of Illinois requires a number of health forms on file before your daughter enters Willows. All forms should be uploaded via WillowsWeb. Visit our health forms page for more information.

The Parent-Student Handbook contains the school policies.

View the Handbook

Camp Soar and our Athletic Camps are great opportunities to get to know classmates and get acquainted with our campus. Visit for more information.

Fall 2023 Important Dates

Fall Parent and Family Events
  • August 16th: New Student/Parent Orientation
  • August 20th: Family Picnic and Locker Set-up
  • August 22nd: First Day of School 
  • August 24th: Parent Back-to-School Night 
  • October 5th – October 6th: Parent/Teacher/Mentor Conferences 
  • October 15th: Open House
  • November 11th: Holiday Prelude Fundraiser Dinner at the Evanston Golf Club
  • November 16th – November 18th: Fall Play at Prairie Lakes Theater
  • December 1st: Christmas Concert
Spring Parent and Family Events
  • February 15th – February 16th: Parent/Teacher/Mentor Conferences
  • February 23rd – February 24th: Senior Mother-Daughter Overnight
  • March 3rd: Open House 
  • March 7th – March 9th: Spring Musical at Prairie Lakes Theater
  • April 12th: Mother/Daughter Luncheon 
  • April 26th: Spring Concert
  • May 24th: Senior Baccalaureate Mass
  • May 26th: Senior Graduation and Gala 
  • June 30th: 8th Grade Ribbon Mass and Graduation

FAQs for Parents

Questions about tuition should be directed to Alicia Garcia, Business and Development Coordinator, 

Access your account through the Resource Board on WillowsWeb

You can make changes yourself in WillowsWeb.

Willows Weekly
BrightArrow Emergency Contact info
Phone and face-to-face communication

Lead Teacher
Class Coordinator
Whom to Ask What

Our school day goes from 8-3. Attendance is taken in homeroom at 8:05am. 

High school bonus period classes meet from 3:04-3:46pm

The building is open from 7:15 AM – 5PM during the school year. During summer and breaks, the building is open Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm and Friday 9am-12pm.

Call the front office and we can give a message to her.

Call the front office and we can give a message to her.

All drivers are asked to treat Rose Avenue as a one-way street westbound in the morning and afternoon. Cars should turn onto Rose from First Street and be mindful of blocking any driveways. Upon exiting the lot, please proceed left (west) to Second Street.

Willows has partnered with Marla’s Lunch to provide hot lunch delivery from popular restaurants on a daily basis. Order once or order every day.

Parents should email or call the Front Office at 847-824-6900 before 8:00 a.m. each day their daughter will be absent. She can find out her missing work by contacting a classmate or talking with her teacher when she returns to school.

The School Directory is your best source, it lists each family and their addresses and has a map view. To get the School Directory, log onto WillowsWeb.

Class Coordinators
Raising Great Girls
CanaVox for Moms
WhatsApp chat for each grade
Parent-Teacher-Mentor Conference

Opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. 
Always welcome at Mass
Cheer on our teams, watch the plays
Attend Raising Great Girls speakers
Attend events

Annual Fund
Holiday Prelude

Student Council sells pizza to raise money for student activities

Jeans Days and Bake Sales raise money for clubs and class activities

Contact Lucia Pardilla, International Program Coordinator

FAQs for Girls

Course schedules will be posted in WillowsWeb near the end of the summer. An Email notification will be sent to parents that schedules are available. There is an add drop period at the beginning of each semester. 

The first two days of school are half days to allow time to get acquainted, meet all of her teachers, meet her mentor, and come together for an all school mass. These two days have a special schedule. 

Your daughter’s mentor will be published in WillowsWeb along with her schedule. She will have the opportunity to meet her mentor during the first week of school.

Textbooks are distributed during the first days of school. Textbooks are the property of Willows and covered by the Comprehensive Fee. Each student is responsible for returning all of her books in good condition at the end of the year. 

Students are responsible to purchase any summer reading materials or check them out from the library. 

The Willows lunchroom has microwaves available for student use. All students have a full-period for lunch. This allows enough time to eat, play in the gym, or go outside if the weather is nice. Many clubs and other student groups schedule meetings during lunch to allow students to participate.

All students are assigned a locker in the high school or middle school hallways. Students enrolled in PE are assigned a gym locker. In general, locks are not used. However, the Dean of Students has locks available for rent. Two standard locker shelves are recommended for high school lockers and one shelf is optional for middle school.

Locker assignments will be posted in time for the Family Picnic and Locker Set Up.

Willows offers daily mass at 9:45.

Two lost and found bins are in the lunchroom and middle school hallway. Items that remain unclaimed are eventually sent to a charitable organization. Remember to label all of your belongings with your name, especially your blazer!