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Health Forms

All students must have a completed current Certificate of Child Health Examination Form on file with the school prior to October 15 of each school year as required by the State of Illinois. High School students participating in sports are also required by the State of Illinois to submit a Health Exam Form each year they are involved in any sport activity. 

General for new students entering any grade: All Students entering an Illinois School for the first time (i.e. international students, transfer students from out of state, former homeschool students) must complete the Illinois Child Health form showing a completed physical, immunizations up-to-date – including meningitis, TDap, varicella; Dental Examination Form and Eye Examination Form

6th grade/Age 11: Students need to show proof of the meningitis immunization along with the dental form and completion of the Illinois Child Health form showing a Physical and immunization record updated for the recent requirements such as the meningitis; 2nd/booster for TDap; 2 doses of the varicella vaccine (chickenpox); completion of the Dental Examination Form; Eye Examination Form required for students entering an Illinois school for the first time. 

7th and 8th: No specific requirements if the immunizations were completed when required in 6th grade. If a student is not yet 11 years old in 6th grade, then the parent can opt to wait until she turns 11 before getting the meningitis vaccine and TDap Booster. 

9th: Must submit a current Dental Examination Form and Illinois Child Health form with a record of immunizations. Eye Examination Form required for students entering an Illinois school for the first time.

10th and 11th: No specific requirements for returning students. See guidelines above for new students.

12th: Second meningococcal conjugate vaccine in 12th grade or after age 16. 

If necessary, there is a Religious Exemption form that must be completed by both the parent and the student’s provider. 

If a vaccine is contraindicated, then the provider should indicate this on the Child Health form

IDPH Minimum Immunization Requirements Entering a School in Illinois

ISBE School Dental Examinations

Illinois School Eye Exams

High school students playing sports must submit a physical examination annually.

IESA/IHSA Pre-Participation Examination Form OR State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination

Health records of new students must be uploaded to Willows Academy via WillowsWeb. Email with any questions.

As per State law, a student who does not have a health record on file will not be able to attend class after October 15.