End of Year Honors & Traditions

As the 2023-24 school year comes to a close, we are proud to honor distinguished Eagles as well as celebrate the school year with our many, well-loved end of year festivities.

Honors Assembly

Izzy Paul is the 2024 McKeon Award Winner.

The McKeon award is the most prestigious award given by the Willows faculty. The recipient exemplifies the ideals and philosophy of Willows. She must demonstrate excellence in integrity, leadership, service, and strive—according to her ability—for scholarship. Ellen McKeon Buchanan ’85 and her daughter Shannon presented the award on Thursday. 

Congrats, Izzy!

Marina Rodriguez is the 2024 Huntington Award Winner.

The Huntington Award is presented to a middle school student who has demonstrated outstanding service and support to Willows. This student is outstanding in loyalty, spirit, and service. She puts forth sincere academic effort, making positive contributions in her classes.

Congratulations, Marina!

Regina Kurkowski and Galia Fernandez are the 2024 Schumann Award Winners.

The Clara Schumann Award is given by the music department recognizing a young woman who displays compassion, service, a love of music, talent, collaboration with peers, and professionalism, meeting the demands of rehearsal and performance.

Congratulations, Regina and Galia!

Athletics Banquet

Pia Chapello is the 2024 Mangan Award Winner.

The Tom Mangan Award is awarded to a senior athlete by all coaches in the Willows Athletic Department. The winning athlete has exemplified the Willows mission throughout her athletic career and is always positive, committed to her sport or sports, a help to her coach, and leads by example.

Congratulations, Pia!

Nest Fest: Puzzle Wars 2024

The whole school came together on Thursday for an epic 4-way capture the flag game of during our 2nd Annual Puzzle Wars at West Park. Integritas was triumphant in the game, finding the most puzzle pieces before time ran out.

Special congrats to Gaudium for being the 2023-2024 house champions!!! 

Final House Standings:

1st place: Gaudium- 1212 points
2nd place: Liberalitas- 1149 points
3rd place: Excellentia- 1067 points
4th place: Integritas- 953 points

Johnson Cup 2024

Gaudium beat the faculty to take this year’s Johnson Cup – our annual dodgeball tournament in honor of past teacher, Laurel Johnson.