Middle School at Willows

Where Girls Become Confident Thinkers & Compassionate Leaders

You’ve worked hard to support her at home, now it’s our turn to partner and challenge her to think beyond her comfort zone. To learn, experiment, compete, play, and collaborate with other girls in ways that just aren’t possible in a co-ed environment.

The all-girl school advantage

It’s no secret that the habits, discipline, and curiosity developed in grades 6-8 flow into high school, and ultimately, college. Girls discover the meaning of true friendship, trust, justice, faith, and compassion – all at a time when their emotions and bodies are rapidly changing. In short, middle school can be incredibly difficult on a young person. 

Give your daughter the advantage of an environment created exclusively for her. 

Stronger Academics

At Willows, small class sizes (7:1 in middle school) mean girls can have more one-on-one time with their teachers. Our curriculum is dynamic and flexible and prepares girls for college and beyond. Every girl gets a mentor to guide and support her along her journey at Willows, leading to confidence in the classroom.

Real Friendships

Your daughter will become like the people she spends most of her time with. Her friends will influence her life, and at Willows, that’s a good thing. Every aspect of our programming is designed to help girls become authentic friends who both challenge and support one another.

More Opportunities to Lead

At Willows, girls occupy every role in the school – from the president of the student council to the lead star on the stage. Girls bring their teams to victory, share responsibility in projects, and take more risks together as leaders when they know they are surrounded by like-minded peers. 

A Spot on the Team

Competition and teamwork are an integral part of a Willows girl: over 75% of our middle school girls participate in one or more sport. We offer  volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer and softball in a no-cut environment that fosters skill development and a culture of fun. 

Immersed in the Arts

Girls at Willows Academy have incredible opportunities to develop their artistic talents and passions, from participation in multiple choirs to an all-school musical production once a year. These programs let girls grow their talents and discover new ones!

FAQs on Middle School

Yes, Willows Academy is an independent school rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirituality of Opus Dei. At Willows, girls are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God, fostering a sense of joy and friendship. While we welcome students of all faiths, our daily Mass, frequent opportunities for the sacrament of reconciliation, and spiritual direction are integral parts of our school life.

Many current parents and families of graduates would enthusiastically agree! We often hear from students and families alike that the strong academic foundation they received at Willows in math, science, and public speaking paved the way for a smooth transition into high-school coursework. Alumni also frequently share that the most significant advantage of a Willows education are the enduring friendships they formed (often in middle school) that continue to enrich their lives long after graduation.

Yes, indeed! Willows is a close-knit school with approximately one hundred girls in the middle school program. This means your daughter will be embraced, recognized, and cherished by faculty and her peers in no time, unlike in a much larger school. Many families choose Willows over their parochial middle school to experience a supportive community that is always ready to embrace them with open arms!


Yes! Northridge is our “brother” school just a few minutes away in Niles, and there are ample opportunities for girls to build positive friendships through dances, social events, plays, sporting events, and more! While the emphasis on these activities typically happens in high school, there will be many chances for your daughter to socialize.

We’ve put a page together on our website that offers a high-level and deep-dive approach to our curriculum. Visit the page: https://willowsacademy.org/middle-school-curriculum/

Great! We can’t wait to answer them. Please contact our Director of Admissions, Sara Danielewicz at (847) 493-8782 or by email at


Upcoming Admissions Events

Coffee on Campus

April 30th or May 20th at 8 AM

Come enjoy a cup of great coffee and a brief tour of Willows Academy with our Admissions Director and members of the school leadership team. This casual event is limited to 5 families per date, so register now!

Fall Open House

Sunday, October 27th at 1:00 PM

Our biggest admissions event of the year, the Fall Open House is the perfect opportunity to tour Willows, meet our faculty, and learn more about the mission and vision of our school!

Discover Willows

At Willows, every aspect of our school is designed exclusively to help girls succeed in both academics and in the development of their character. You could read many pages on our website to learn more, but the best chance of discovering Willows is on a parent tour or shadow day. 

Want to get started? Please reach out directly to our Director of Admissions, Sara Danielwicz, to get connected!

Email: danielewicz@willowsacademy.org 
Phone: (847) 493-8782

Sara Danielewicz

Director of Admissions