Regular School Day Dress Code:

The school uniform is sold by Dennis Uniform Company (School Code GJLGV) and consists of the following items:

Skirt:  (should be knee-length or no shorter than 2 inches about the top of the knee in the front and back, and properly hemmed)

  • Middle School = Red Gabriel plaid box pleat
  • High School = Blackwatch plain box pleat


  • Blue quarter zip

Polo shirt:

  • Navy short-sleeved polo with Willows logo
  • Long-sleeved polo with Willows logo


  • Navy crew neck or v-neck with Willows logo
  • Navy hooded sweater with Willows logo

Shoes:  (Shoe heel/platform should not exceed one inch and all shoes must have a closed toe. Shoes should be a solid color (no decoration) and have a solid sole. No slippers, moccasins, open-backed, or Birkenstocks are allowed.)

  • Sturdy dark shoe in brown, black, tan (Sperry), or navy


  • Middle School = Plain navy blue, green, black, or white knee highs or tights.
  • High School = Plain navy/white/grey knee highs (dual-colored soccer socks are not appropriate) Plain navy/white/grey/black tights or nylons (no design in/on tights)

P.E Uniform: (Because everyone wears the same uniform, all parts of the uniform must be indelibly marked with the student’s name.)

  • Navy Shorts
  • Grey PE Shirt
  • White gym socks
  • Gym shoes

Optional Items:

  • Turtleneck: White turtleneck may be worn under sweatshirt or long-sleeved polo
  • T-shirt: Plain white (without writing or design) may be worn under the polo shirt

Non-Uniform Days:

On certain designated days, the students may dress in non-uniform clothing. Non-uniform days will be announced to the students prior to the scheduled date.

Dress-Up Days: Clothing of a more elegant fashion, typically dresses or skirts, should be worn. Dresses and skirts should be knee-length or no shorter than 2 inches about the top of the knee in the front and back. Pants may be worn on dress-up days provided they reflect the appropriate elegance required for the activity. Jeans, shorts, capris, khakis, and corduroys are not acceptable dress-up attire.

Jeans Days: On days designated in the calendar as “Jeans Days” and on a student’s birthday, she may wear jeans to school according to the following guidelines:

  • a student must pay the fee for the Jeans Day as determined by the day’s sponsor;
  • jeans must come at least to the ankle and should not be capris, shorts, or leggings; jeans should be in good condition (no holes or shredded edges) and fit appropriately and modestly. Skinny jeans are generally not appropriate.
  • shoes should cover the entire foot (no flip flops).