The Role of Catholicism at Willows: 

Religious Education is an important part of our mission to help students grow in freedom to live in truth. Willows Academy provides a Theology course, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, for each of our grades. Students, whether Catholic or not, are free to take either the offered Theology course and/or Philosophy. These classes are just as rigorous as our subjects, giving the students sound and lasting ideas and principles.


Beyond the coursework, Willows offers a number of opportunities for the students to deepen their faith and grow in love of God. Our chaplains, priests of Opus Dei, administer the sacraments and assist in the Theology department. Holy Mass is offered daily for those who wish to attend. Time for confession and/or spiritual direction is also offered. On Holy Days of Obligation Willows holds an All-School Mass, and on the first Friday of each month we have all-day Adoration in our Chapel.


The spiritual formation available at Willows is entrusted to priests of Opus Dei. Opus Dei is a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church founded by Saint Josemaría Escrivá. Its mission is to spread the message that work – and the circumstances of everyday life – are occasions for growing closer to God, for serving others, and for improving society. The spirit of Opus Dei impacts the school in many ways, such as in the effort to do little things well out of love for God, in creating a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, and in our focus on freedom and personal responsibility.