All Girls Learning Environment:

What specifically are the benefits of single-sex education?  Our Middle School Dean, Robin Huntington, stated it best, “One of the primary reasons to have single-sex education is to let the kids focus on who they are and not on comparing themselves to what somebody else wants them to be.  

The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools indicates five reasons why single gender education services girls well. At girls’ schools:

  • Girls put academics first.
  • Girls enjoy not just equal opportunity, but every opportunity.
  • Girls dare to take on – and succeed in – the real world.
  • Girls thrive when their learning styles take center stage.
  • Girls become leaders.

Education at Willows is not just for girls, but by girls as well. The all female environment, in which all the classroom teachers and advisors are women, provides the girls not only with excellent role models, but also with teachers who know best how girls learn.