Willows Provides an Ideal Learning Environment:

An all female student body and faculty

Students in all-girl schools perform substantially better on standardized tests than their peers at co-ed schools, and are more likely to excel in math and science.


Ideal class sizes

Our class sizes average 15 students, allowing every student in every class personalized attention. Our student/teacher ration is 9/1.


College preparation

Willows has 100% college placement rate, with recent graduates attending universities such as Notre Dame, Northwestern, Villanova, University of Illinois, Johns Hopkins, Marquette and Loyola.


A small school community

Every student is recognized not only in the classroom, but also in the halls, stage, sports fields, and chapel. Our nurturing but challenging environment brings out the best in every student.


All Honors and AP high school curriculum 

90% of our AP students score a 3 or higher on their AP exams and more than 70% graduate with college credits. 30% of Willows students score a 31 or higher on the ACT.


A uniform

Our uniform conveys equality and commitment to learning.