Welcome to Willows!

Our school and unique community exist to help your daughter grow into a smart, self assured leader who is prepared to gain admission to an exceptional college and make a difference in the world!

As you visit our website, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our students, faculty and the courses/extracurricular activities we offer. Our mission is to provide not only academic excellence but exceptional opportunities for each student to participate in athletics, dramatic arts and club activities.

Our site also will give you an introduction to our close-knit community; many describe as one big family. In my twenty years as a Willows parent, advisor, board member, and now executive director, I have seen clearly how this family aspect makes us special.

While here, students form life-long friendships. They remain in contact many years after graduation because the bonds they form with each other remain strong. Once in college, our students find themselves well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, all the while leaning on their Willows friends to celebrate triumphs and work through disappointments.

The faculty and staff at Willows concern themselves with the development and wellbeing of each student. Wise and compassionate ladies, our teachers offer mentorship, support and encouragement while challenging each student to give her all.

Our all girl environment lends itself to a family atmosphere that has to be felt in order to be understood.

We hope you’ll accept our invitation to schedule a shadow day so you and your daughter can learn more first hand about Willows.

Dr. Jaime Vasquez, Head of School