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Willows Academy - Academics - High School Curriculum

High School Curriculum

In the ninth and tenth grades, students take classes at the honors level. In the eleventh and twelfth grades, students may take honors, honors accelerated, and advanced placement (AP) courses, all of which help them develop the mind of a collegian. Following is a list of courses offered in high school:

9th Grade

Introduction to Literary Studies and Composition
Ancient and Medieval History
Geometry or Algebra I
Sacred Scripture or Philosophy
French I, Spanish I, or Latin II
Computer Applications
Physical Education

10th Grade

World Literature and Composition
Modern World History
Algebra II or Geometry
Life of Christ or Philosophy
French II, Spanish II, or Latin III
Physical Education/Health

11th Grade

Pre-AP American Literature or American Studies English
AP U.S. History or American Studies
Pre-Calculus or Algebra II
Physics:  Honors or Accelerated or AP Chemistry
Church History or Philosophy
French III, Spanish III, or Latin IV


12th Grade

British Literature and Composition or AP English
European History:  Honors or AP
AP Calculus AB or Pre-Calculus or Statistics
AP Advanced Biology, Physics:  Honors or Accelerated, or Senior Science Elective
Moral Theology or Philosophy
French IV:  Honors or AP, Spanish IV:  Honors or AP, Latin V AP


Chamber Choir
Instrumental Ensemble
Music Theory
History of Opera


Computer Graphics

Visual Art

Art I, II, III and IV
Applied Art
Advanced Art (for students pursuing Art in College)

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